Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Clinique High Impact Mascara

Happy Halloween everyone! I would love to do a themed post but I don't have any ideas and I'm not dressing up as it's my boyfriends birthday, so this will have to do. If I had to choose only two make-up products it would have to be concealer and mascara. I absolutely love mascara and how it instantly opens your eyes and makes you look more 'awake'. This mascara is from one of my favourite skincare and beauty brands and is possibly my favourite. I love my Soap and Glory mascara for thickness but this Clinique mascara gives my lashes amazing length.

What they say; 'High Impact Mascara is a multi-benefit mascara that adds maximum volume with definition and length. Specially developed brush and formula work together to dramatically thicken lashes while separating. '

I have used tubes of this and it never fails me. The one pictured is a smaller sized version which came in one of the Clinique Bonus time sets, the samples alone last at least 2 months. Now Clinique claim that this mascara is best for thickening but I find it makes my lashes look really long and not really thick just separated which I really like. It's also not a clumpy mascara and the formula has a nice consistency which brushes on easily without the need to build lots of layers to get the length.

The brush is just like a normal mascara brush (not angled, rubber bristles etc). I find this type of brush good for lifting the lashes at the root so they look even longer. I can't believe how long my lashes look in this picture. I have had short lashes ever since I was like 11/12 when my Mum's friend put mascara on my and I thought my lashes looked wrong so I cut them, oops. I'm not sure if they have grown back since but this mascara really helps. It's also really easy to remove with make-up wipes or I like to use the Clinique take the day off cleanser, and doesn't bring your lashes off with it.

This Mascara is £18.00 from a Clinique stand in Boots/Debenhams/House of Fraser or you can buy online here.
 Have you tried and loved any of the Clinique Mascaras? What is your favourite Mascara?
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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Moisturiser...

Hello lovelies, hope you have enjoyed you weekend I enjoyed the extra hour in bed last night! Now I do mention in my 'about me' bit that I love a good bargain and I have an eye for free samples as I love the opportunity to try out products before I buy.

Now I got these samples from the garnier website they do quite a few samples and I've tried their BB cream samples before too. So I received 7 sachets of moisturiser to try for a week and see if my skin was any softer. They give you a little sticker to test if your skin is still dry where you see how much skin is on the paper at the start and compare it with the end, however mine was still pretty dry, although I do have eczema which is probably the reason. I applied the moisturiser every night after my shower and it is a lovely smelling moisturiser which rubs in really easily. However I don't think it's thick enough for my dry skin. I did get the extra dry skin cream with added shea butter which smells lovely but I think my skin only benefits from ultra thick moisturisers or body butters which I slather on and have to wait until they sink in ha. It is a lovely moisturiser though for maybe Spring/Summer when my skin isn't feeling so dry. I would recommend it to anyone with normal or even a little bit of dry skin as it feels lovely and rubs in really well, but if you're like me with eczema I'd recommend a body butter. You can buy this from Boots/Superdrug or Supermarkets for around £2.99 and it comes in 5 different lotions for different types of skins.

Have you tried the Garnier Intensive 7 day moisturiser? What's your favourite everyday moisturiser? I'm going to sit back now and watch the X Factor results, did anyone catch it yesterday when Gary called Tulisa 'fag ash breath' eeeek so much drama. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night xxx

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Foxy Locks Clip-in Extensions Review

Hello lovelies, today's post is a long awaited review of my foxy locks extensions. I have always used clip in extensions from being like 14 years old, but I never knew much about the quality of the hair and I just bought the cheapest strips from my local Extras. Now before I bought my foxy locks I hadn't worn extensions for around a year as I got annoyed with the bad quality of them and how they always wore thin after a month. So my aim was to find some good quality extensions for a reasonable price. I first heard of foxy locks extensions from reading Kayleigh's post, her hair looks absolutely gorgeous and I knew I needed some foxy locks. So after reading countless reviews from all over the world I finally sent off a picture of my hair to so they could tell me which colour I needed. I must admit it's difficult to choose a colour as you can't physically match them against your hair so it's good they have this service available. Imogen, the owner of foxy locks, also has a you tube channel in which she shows you the different hair colours available. So I was told my closest match was lightest ash blonde #60, so I ordered the 20inch set in 120g which seemed  more than enough hair.

I payed for the standard delivery which is £2.99 and the extensions were £56.00 which is very reasonable for the quality and amount of hair and they came within 3days. The top picture shows what the packaging looks likes, mine came with a little hair extension clip on the corner not sure why ha. So I ordered the regular 120g, they also do deluxe (160g) and superior (215g) which just seems too heavy for my head really. I do have quite thick hair and the 120g set is plenty of hair as I don't like it when people have so many extensions clipped it in looks like they have a big head haha and makes the clips more visible.The 120g consists of :
Two x 8" wide with 4 clips
Two x 6" wide
with 3 clips
Two x 4" wide with 2 clips
Four x 2" wide with 1 clip
 The colour of the extensions wasn't quite right for my hair as the bottom layers of my hair are a bit darker than the top. So I used some Jerome bleach to lighten the bottom of my hair a bit ombre style but now the hair matches perfectly. The below pictures are after my hair was dyed to match. They are a really gorgeous light colour though and have lowlights and highlights so they blend perfectly with my hair now.

The quality of the hair is amazing. They are 100% remy hair extensions which means they are cuticle correct and the hair wont tangle or get matted like non-remy hair. The first thing I did when I took them out of the packaging was stroke them from like 10minutes they are honestly so soft and shiny. They are also really easy to style and hold a curl pretty well mine still have a curl in them from a few weeks ago and I didn't even hairspray them. The clips are really good quality too, they have a little bit of rubber on so they grip onto your hair really well and they are pretty small so they're easy to disguise under your hair. There are a few instructions on the packaging to follow to keep your extensions in good form; they suggest using heat protection spray, brushing them gently before/after use (I use my tangle teezer which works really well) and wash them in a nourishing shampoo/conditioner every few weeks. They are real hair so they will get split ends but mine are perfect at the minute.

The length of the extensions are 20" which is pretty long to me as I have previously had 16 or 18" ones. You can cut them though but they are a perfect length to curl as they don't spring up too short and I think I will just wear them when I want my hair curly. The bottom picture shows the length I would prefer them if I wore them straight. I think if you were going to wear them straight it is best to get them cut at the hairdressers as there isn't a distinct line to the bottom of the hair which makes the ends look pretty thin. If you had hair above your shoulders too they would probably be too long and wouldn't blend very well so you would need them cutting to blend in with your hair. With my hair you can't see the ends so they do blend really well which I'm pleased about.

Overall I really love these extensions and would recommend them to anyone wanting a quick clip in fix. I only wear extensions when I go out so they probably wouldn't be ideal if you're wanting to wear them everyday, you would be best with a more permanent solution such as micro-bonded extensions. I hope you found this helpful if you've been considering buying some foxy locks, if you have any questions or if I haven't mentioned something please don't hesitate to get in touch. Have you ever tried foxy locks extensions? What type of extensions do you prefer?

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Almond Shaped Nails: WAH style

Sorry for my lack of posting recently, I haven't bought any new beauty products in aaages so I've been rather uninspired recently. This was until I saw the amazing WAH-Nails recent pictures on instagram. If you haven't heard of WAH-Nails then you should seriously check out their website. They do the most amazing nail art and even do nails in the Stratford and Oxford Street Topshop but sadly they are only based in London. But I have seen these Almond shape nails around a fair bit in a number of magazines and on a fair few celebrities. I think they're a nice change to the usual square nails and look a lot more natural (especially the bottom lilac nails). I don't think I would have the full on pointy ones as they look pretty dangerous and I do scratch myself in my sleep so I would wake up looking like I'd had a fight with Edward Scissor hands eeeek.

I have filed my natural nails into a more pointy shape and they look really good but they just need to grow a bit longer until I can achieve the almond nail look. I would love to have some nail art like these but I'll just have to wait until my next visit to London! What do you think of the almond pointy nail shape? Have you got rid of the square nails and gone pointy yet?

(Images from

 P.S. Thanks all you lovely girlies for your recommendations on the real techniques brushes I'm going to get myself the core collection.
PPPS. The gorgeous Kayleigh at couturegirl is having the most amazing giveaway so go on over and enter!

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

October Wishlist

1. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Gold Deposit £21.50
I have seen this on so many blogs and they all have gorgeous flawless skin. I love mineral products as they're good for you skin and this claims to provide an 'ultra deluxe polish to the skin', how amazing does that sound. It also looks aesthetically pleasing, even though it is quite dark it doesn't seem to show like this on skin. I really need to try this soon!
2. Real Techniques Buffing Brush (core collection £21.99)
Now correct me if I'm wrong but I think this comes in the core collection set and I'm not sure whether you can buy it individually. But I've been torn between the buffing brush and the stippling brush, they seem very similar so I would love it if someone could let me know the difference or recommend the better brush for me. I want this brush to use for my foundation as I don't like the traditional foundation brushes so I tend to use my fingers. I like the idea of the brush buffing it into your skin instead of just painting it on. So if anyone has tried any of the real techniques brushes let me know.
3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation £10.99
I have been wanting a new foundation for ages, there isn't really anything wrong with the Avon one I currently use I just like to switch it up a bit. I like the sounds of this because it appears to be 'kind' for your skin and I have also heard it is not drying like some foundations. I had my eye on the Mac Studio Fix foundation because I like the finish it has but I'm worried it will be really drying on my skin. If you have dry skin or dry patches and know a good foundation I would love it if you got in touch.
4. Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask £5.95
I love the Lush ethos of cruelty free and they offer a lot of vegan products which is great, this is one of them. It look edible and so yummy I would be pretty tempted to eat it rather than put it on my face. But the properties of this mask sound great too 'has linseed infusion to nourish and soften the skin, fresh mint for toning, cocoa butter to moisturise and rhassoul mud to absorb grease and give a deep cleanse'. I think I'll be stopping by at my local lush soon and picking this up, yum yum.
5. Mua Nail Constellation in Pisces £3
I have been looking for a cheaper version of the lovely Ciate Nail Caviar and I this recent release by MUA looks perfect and is a bargain too. They are basically just little beads that you put onto a wet clear coat and they stick on. It's great for an accent nail and they have a range of other beads too, there is one colour which looks perfect for Christmas. I have been trying to find a Superdrug that stocks these for ages I think next time I go in I'll ask when they have an MUA delivery because I really want to try this out.
6. Lush H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Mask
I first saw this on Em's blog and as I love hair treatments and masks and generally hair products I knew it had to be one for the wishlist. The mask claims to 'improve the condition, lustre and combability of the hair', it's also their best seller and is out of stock on the website and it also doesn't say a price. I think I'm going to have to pick this one up from the Lush in town, whilst probably picking up a range of other products I can't resist. But this mask does look amazing and they recommend you leave it on for 20 minutes which is always good as the longer the better right.
Are any of these products on your wishlist? If you use any of the real techniques brushes let me know what you think is best for foundation application! xxx
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Saturday, 6 October 2012

What I've Bought #2

Hello lovely ladies, hope everyone has had a good week and enjoying their weekend. I've had another full week at Uni and I can't believe how much work I have to do. I'm getting ahead of the game though and getting it done so I don't get behind. Amidst all of the work I did manage to fit a little bit of shopping in with my Mum. If you're a student you must take advantage of all of the discounts at this time of year, New Look had 25% off and Dorothy Perkins too. I also saw that Topshop had 20% off for a few days but everything I wanted was not in stock in my size. But here are the lovely things I did buy...

Dorothy Perkins Neoprene Peplum Dress £30
This dress is gorgeous I thought the fabric would show up all sorts of lumps and bumps but it's lovely and really thick and warm for the winter. I love the length of the dress too and this peplum actually accentuates my waist instead of making my bum 100 times bigger. Love it!

New Look Hoodie £15
I needed a new hoodie for Uni as it's not cold enough to get the fur coat out but too cold to just wear my leather jacket. This hoodie is lovely and snug and it has a bit of a fleecy feel inside. I also got 25% off even better.

Superdrug Large Radial Brush 10p
Yes you did read that right only 10 pence for this brush. I'm not sure why but superdrug have some items for 10p, they change them round now and again but I was so happy with this bargain. I've paid up to £8 for brushes like this in the past and the bristles have ended up falling out and melting. So it makes sense not to spend loads of money on a brush, it does the job and looks lovely too, BARGAIN!

Atmosphere Blouse £12
Primark have some lovely blouses and collared tops in this season. This one can be dressed up at night time with some nice jeans or worn in the day with a vest underneath (to prevent a visible bra). They do have some really nice tops with sequins and beads on the collars but I was a bit worried about them all falling off in the wash, if you have one like this let me know if it's good quality or not because the tops are so nice but would be a pity if I could only wear it once.

Primark Super Soft Super Skinny Jeans £11
These jeans are so soft, it literally feels like I am just in my leggings but they look like jeans. I remember those jeggings which everyone wore which were comfy but they had horrible waistbands and these jeans are so much better than them. They are just as comfy but look like jeans, genius and only £11. I want them in every colour, but they never seem to have my size in. They also do long/regular and short leg's to suit everybody.

If you have a primark sequin/beaded top have you washed it and are the beads still intact? I would love to know if  you found any bargains or just an amazing buy. Enjoy your weekends xxx

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Saturday, 29 September 2012

My Favourite Avon Products

Hey lovelies, sorry for my lack of blogging this week I have had my first week as a 3rd year and it's been so hectic. I have been in Uni everyday and even went to the woods on Thursday making fire, toasting marshmallows and hammering leaves, what a crazy day. But yes this is the life of a Primary Education student ha! So my posts may not be as frequent over the next few weeks as I'm settling into 3rd year. But I want to say thank you to all your lovely people following me I can't believe I have over 300 followers, wow I'm so grateful and I read all your lovely comments and I'll definitely get around to checking out all of your blogs. So today I have a post for you all about my favourite products from Avon. I have posted about Avon before and seriously their products are lovely and are such good value for money. I have just received a new brochure with the Christmas gifts in and it's got me all excited now. If you don't shop with Avon I recommend you checking out their website where you can buy products online or find your nearest avon representative who can bring a brochure straight to your front door.

Avon Naturals Juicy Watermelon Hand & Body Lotion £1
I bought this body lotion from the reduced brochure which you occasionally get with the avon brochure for £1. It smells so nice it's sweet but such a lovely watermelon smell, even better than the smell of the avon watermelon products. It's a thin body lotion but is great for everyday moisturising and it's working perfectly keeping my skin moisturised in the transition of Summer to Autumn/Winter. I know I'll need to use my thick body butters in Winter but this is great for now.

Advanced Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum £2.50 (normally £5.50)
This serum is amazing for split ends. It's so cheap too but the packaging looks really expensive. It's a glass bottle with a pump which dispenses the perfect amount of product. I smooth this onto the ends of my hair after I have washed it then dry as normal. It doesn't make my hair greasy but it significantly reduces frizz and dry ends. Such an amazing product which I always go back to.

Advanced Techniques 360 Nourishment Morrocan Argan Oil Leave-In Treatment £3.50 (normally £5.50)
This is a new product which I saw a review of somewhere and knew I had to get it. It contains the highly raved about Argan oil and it looks similar to the dry ends serum (above) which is why I bought it. You apply it to the ends of your hair and it's supposed to help split ends and make your hair softer. I have only used it once but again it's packaging looks so expensive and my hair looks shiny and feels softer already. I'm going to keep going with this and I'll let you know how good it is. But for £3.50 you have to try it, it's so cheap compared to other Argan Oil products.

Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation in Golden £7 (normally 12)
I have reviewed this before and it's still an amazing foundation. I haven't been using it as much due to my perioral dermatitis so I have stuck to using minerals but as soon as it's cleared up I will be going back to this. It's a medium coverage but is no way cakey and just as the name says your skin does seriously look flawless. It's beautiful packaging again better than the Mac bottles as it glass and has a dispensing pump. They have a really wide range of shades too which is great and at such a good price I so recommend it.

Advanced Techniques Daily Mirror Shine Spray £2 (normally £5)
I have tried almost every shine spray under the sun and I always come back to this one. I like it because it's not an aerosol so you don't choke yourself applying it lasts quite a long time too. I spray it on the mid-lengths and ends of my hair, so my roots don't get greasy and it does have a mirror shine appearance. It's quite hard to get the shine on blonde hair as brown hair reflects light better, but with this spray everyone always comments on my shiny hair. The bottle is also a good size and lasts around 6months.

Avon Naturals Coconut and Lemon Grass Linen Spray £4
I've had this spray a while so I'm not sure if they do the same scents but they always change them around. I spray this on my bed and curtains and it's smells gorgeous. As you know I love the smell of coconut and this spray just refreshes your bedding and makes your whole room smell nice. You can also use it on clothes or cushions it's so lovely. I've tried their other sprays too and they all smell yummy so definitely one to try. Avon usually have offers on like 4 for £5 too so you can stock up on lovely smells.

I hope I have convinced a few of you to try Avon. They have a really wide range of products and at amazing prices, I just think a lot of people haven't heard enough about them before. Have you tried any Avon products before? Can you recommend any for me to try?

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Friday, 21 September 2012

My Everyday Makeup

So today is a bit of a different post as I usually do reviews, but I figured I haven't really posted many pictures of me so here goes. This is the makeup I wear on an everyday basis, although some days I don't wear makeup to Uni, especially if my eczema is bad. I stick to neutral makeup and only wear big eyemakeup and a heavier coverage foundation on nights out. This makeup takes me 2-5 minutes and just makes me look awake and more human! 

Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser
Collection 2000 Concealer in Medium
Avon Smooth Minerals in Sand Beige
Loreal Paris Touche Magique
No7 Eyelash Curlers
Maybelline The One by One Volume Express Mascara in Black
Hoola by Benefit Bronzing Powder

P.S. I ordered some foxy locks extensions and they arrived today, but they don't match the bottom of my hair just the top, so today I'm going to get some peroxide to lighten the bottom of my hair. I will let you know how it goes (finger crossed, please match my extensions).

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A Whole New Shopping Experience - Mallzee

I was so excited when Mallzee got in touch with me about their new website opening later this year. I didn't know about Mallzee before and now I'm so glad I do! Basically Mallzee are creating a whole new shopping experience in which you can choose your favourite brands and shops to create your own shopping mall (Mallzee). Their software is then able to find products which suit your personal style and requirements, how good is this! You are then able to showcase your Mallzee with the products you like and your facebook friends can buy items from your Mallzee and as you're the owner you earn money from their purchases! To me this is internet shopping at it's best.

Mallzee currently have over 200 brands signed up including New Look, St Tropez, Urban Outfitters and Feel Unique. I can't wait to see the rest of the brands on the website. I so can't wait for this website to launch as I hate trawling through shops and different websites looking for clothes. It's so much easier having all of your favourite brands in one place.

So if you're loving the idea as much as me head on over to where you can sign up for the exclusive pre-launch. There is also an amazing competition in which you can win £100's worth of shopping vouchers when you share with your friends on facebook and twitter. So get your self signed up and be sure to follow on twitter @MallzeeHQ to be first to know about any launch information!

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Sparkles - Barry M Silver Multi Glitter

Recently I have got such a big obsession with glitter, in particular glitter nail varnish. I'm lucky as I have seen glitter is pretty on trend right now, especially with the accent nail trend right now. So I have been so obsessed with glitter varnish and when ASOS has 25% student discount I was so quick to check out their nail varnishes. I love Barry M nail varnish it's cheap and I like the shape of the brush and they have a lovely colour range, but I had never seen their glitter nail varnish. I think on ASOS they had 4 colours and I was torn between the silver multi glitter and an aqua coloured glitter. I purchased the silver multi glitter and it is lovely to apply I only have 2 coats on and it is mainly silver with speckles of red and blue. What I also love about glitter nail paint is that they don't chip easily and I my current manicure has lasted 4 days with no chips and no top coat, SUCCESS. After ordering this I then read Sandra's post from the black pearl blog about the aqua nail glitter and I really need to go get this colour it's so nice!

Barry M Silver Multi Glitter 338
Can anyone else not get enough of the glitter nail varnish right now? What's your favourite glitter colour?
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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

I have seen this treatment on so many blogs and for some reason I never thought to buy it. Until I went into my local boots and found the Lee Stafford range on 3 for £12 and I had to get it! I have been using castor oil to help my hair grow as it's at the funny below the shoulder length and refusing to grow any further. The castor oil is great but it's gross putting it on and takes so long to rinse out. So this product is like a godsend for me, it describes my hair perfectly 'for hair that never grows past a certain length'. So here are my thoughts on this product...

The first thing I do when I buy a hair product is smell it and this smells gorgeous. It's a pretty unexpected smell as I usually have products which smell like coconut but this is a flowery scent which I can't describe well but yes it's sooo nice. Lee advises to use it in between shampoo and conditioner.The consistency is similar to that of a conditioner and it basically says to apply an egg sized amount right from the ends of your hair and onto your scalp too. I find an 'egg size' a bit too much and if I used that much I wouldn't have any left. It's important to squeeze all the water out of your hair too before you slather it on as water dilutes the treatment. Once I've put it all over my hair I massage it into my scalp and then brush it through with my tangle teezer and leave it in for a good 5-10 minutes. It's best to apply in the bath as you need to leave it on a while in order to work and you can grab a good magazine whilst you're waiting.

So does it work?
I've been using this for about 2 weeks now and I already have at least an inch and a half root regrowth, I only got it highlighted 3 weeks ago too so I can definitely see an improvement. The tub also lasts longer than I thought as you can see below this is how much I have left after 2 weeks use, although I do only wash my hair 3 times a week. My hair is so much softer and shinier too (see photo of my shiny hair!) and I find it easier to brush and just manage in general. The lovely smell of the product lasts on your hair too I always find myself smelling it because it's gorgeous. The treatment hasn't made my hair greasier or anything either which can be a problem with the castor oil. Overall I really love this product and I wouldn't go back to castor oil anytime soon. I hope it continues to work and I'm going to keep it up, seen as I have another 2 tubs to go anyhow. Obviously it's not going to grow 2 inch over night but this stuff works. I'll let you know if I wake up with rapunzel hair anytime soon!

What Lee Stafford products do you own? Do they all smell as gorgeous as this does? Hope you're enjoying your weekends lots of love...

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My current skin routine

Today is a post all about the products I currently use on my face. This isn't a daily skincare routine as I have eczema and dry skin I don't get oily/spotty skin so I don't feel I need to wash and cleanse all the time, sometimes I just need moisture. I have perioral dermatitis around my mouth, which has cleared up a lot now and is just a little dry sometimes but I keep it moisturised and it's ok. So these are the products I currently use...

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - Mild
I love clinique products even their makeup products are lovely. I tend to use this product daily/every other day but as it's mild it doesn't dry my skin out so it's a good one for my type of skin. It has a pump at the top too which is really good for getting the right amount out and you don't get the messy lids like with some bottles. Me and my Mum both use this and it's lasted us months! I would definitely recommend clinique to anyone with skin problems or dry skin like me. I always buy clinique when it's 'bonus time' too as you get a little makeup bag and freebies too!
Superdrug Clarity Blackhead Cleanser
I'm not too sure whether superdrug still sell this as I've had it ages, but I'm sure they have something similar. I don't get spots very often but I do have blackheads which are so annoying and don't look very nice, so I apply this product on my nose and chin and it really helps clear them up. This is another product I only use every other day and I don't apply it to my whole face but it make my face feel really fresh and tingly which I like. I like the dispenser at the top of this as it's like a pop up lid (which I can't explain very well) but I'm sure this is only cheap to purchase and it works for me so I'm not complaining.
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Scrub
I use this product around once/twice a week never every day as it's too harsh for using everyday. It has little beads in and foams up really nice on your skin. I apply it to all of my face, except around my mouth as this would cause havoc with my perioral. It has a nice smell too which is always good and makes my skin feel really fresh. It has reduced the appearance of my blackheads as now they don't look so black but they haven't completely gone. I'm sure you can get this from any drugstore or supermarket and it wont be too pricey.
The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream
I bought this when I first started getting dry skin around my mouth way  before I went to the doctors. It is lovely and gentle and not too thick so you can apply it then put your makeup on over the top. I chose it for the aloe soothing properties and the fact it's not perfumed like some face creams. You can't go wrong with body shop and their ethos is so good. I also have the night cream in this but it's a bit thicker and I tend to use that in the winter.
California Baby Calendula Cream
So I bought this cream after researching what helps to get rid of perioral dermatitis. The cream is from America and I could only get it off Amazon. Calendula cream is known for it's skin healing properties and it's antibacterial aswell. I apply this around my mouth everyday and night and it does really help my dry skin. It has more or less cleared now but flares up when I get stressed which isn't good. I would recommend this if you have dermatitis, eczema or you can even use it on nipples when breastfeeding. I think I got this for £12 and it's only a little 50ml tub but with the amount I put on a day I think it will take me up to Christmas.
Have you tried any of these products? What's your daily skincare routine?
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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

September Wishlist

Hello lovelies hope everyone has had a good weekend. This week I've got to do lots of work and organising for uni which I start back at on the 25th. Although I might slip in a little shopping trip, but I'm quite addicted to internet shopping right now. It's so much easier than shopping on the highstreet I may have been converted. So today's post is my clothing wishlist, they're going out pieces as freshers is approaching we all need a nice dress to go out in right.

I was browsing facebook the other day and came across this lovely designer who makes bodycon dresses. I absolutely love bodycon dresses they really suit my body shape and there is no way I would ever wear a shift dress they just don't suit me. So Alice makes the dresses according to your body measurements and you can choose the fabric, length of the dress or change features such as how backless you want your dress. Check out her website anyway she has some gorgeous dresses and I really want one!

I love this asos dress the length is perfect for Autumn/Winter and I love the colour! I think I just love everything about this dress it's gorgeous. The lace is making a comeback too this season so I'm definitely considering purchasing this beauty.
So at this price I would definitely snap this dress up straight away but sadly asos doesn't have it in stock in the black and white colour. I don't know what it is about this dress but I just really like it, I haven't seen anyone with one like this before either which is always good. Please bring it back into stock ASOS!!

Now these shoes are literally to die for. If I had them I would put them on a shelf and admire their beauty aaaaall the time. They are gorgeous and in the sale, but sadly only in a size 7 :( I wouldn't buy them at £160 but if they were in sale and stocked in my size I think I'd have to buy. I can't believe how pretty they are I think I'm going to go to the KG shop and try them on and take a picture and act like they're mine ha (sad I know).
P.S: ASOS has 25% off for students until the end of today!!!

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Friday, 7 September 2012

£50 Boohoo Blogger Challenge

Hello everyone, hope you're all enjoying the month of September so far. So today's post is a competition in which have launched to celebrate the amazing fashion website making it into their top 10 fashion money saving websites! You can take a look at the list and do some cheeky Internet shopping here. So the competition is to put together an outfit for any occasion which comes in at £50 or less. I love little challenges like this and boohoo has some seriously amazing items. It's also pretty amazing that there were so many choices of outfits to decide upon which were all under £50! So this is the outfit I have put together...

Billie V Neck Cap Sleeve Bodycon Dress: £15 (Yes you read that right only £15)
Ayana Black Suedette Studded Toe Platform Heels:£35

Total: £50

I absolutely love the dress and I have seen similar ones on the high street but for nowhere near as cheap as this. I love the colour as well as it's something different from the usual black dress. These studded heels are gorgeous too and I think they look very Kurt Geiger. I saw some lovely dresses as I was looking through which I'm thinking of buying myself and even better offer student discount, so this outfit would come in at even less. I'm amazed by the value for money of and if you fancy trying the blogger challenge head over to Enjoy your weekends! xx

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