Friday, 11 May 2012

Clothing Haul

Sorry for the lack of posting recently, I recently lost a family member so it's been a bit of a tough time for us. However I'm back now with my first clothing haul! I say clothing but I've also sneaked in a bag which I absolutely love. I'd also like to say thank you to all my followers I'm so close to 100 now just need that little push. I also want to let you know about some amazing giveaways right now. Messy Dirty Hair has a great giveaway with loads of Moroccan Argan Oil products, head over to to Kelly's blog to see how to enter. Lola In the Lounge is also having an amazing giveaway with a mac eyeshadow and lipstick of your choice! They both have lovely blogs so click the links to head on over to enter their giveaways. So now onto my clothing haul. I'm am such a bargain hunter and I understand how cheap places can make clothes so can't justify paying loads of money when you can find similar items on the high street and on ebay. So this haul includes clothes from h&m, primark and ebay. These are my favourite shops for finding real bargains!

Snake print blouse H&M £9.99. This also comes in white and a different floral print I think. H&M has some amazing bikinis too starting at £3.99 and you can buy separates too so the bikinis fit perfectly.

Patterned white long boob tube £3 Primark. This was such a bargain find! They had it in other colours too so I'm so tempted to go back. It fits like a glove and the patterns are nice which makes it different from the usual plain ones. It also covers my bum so I could wear it over in England with leggings. However I can't wait to wear this to the beach on my holiday.

Hello Kitty top around £6 Primark. I had to get this top how cute! I love Hello Kitty and if you can't make out what it says it says you had me at hello. I also have another top like this which is Minnie Mouse. Primark has lots of these characters tops in at the minute and this one feels lovely and washes good too.

Finally this is my sneaky ebay purchase I slipped in the haul. I came across this bag when I saw Halley's at BelleAmour what's in my bag post here. I loved the Hermes style bag and have been looking for a good quality look a like bag for ages. I asked her where she got it and immediately set about getting myself one. I got mine from the ebay seller Style 2030 you can have a look at the bag here. They also sell lots of other lovely bags and even though they are from Korea the shipping was so quick it came in 8days! So very impressed and definitely recommend the seller, for £39.00 you can't go wrong! I can't wait to show off my new bag, thanks Halley for letting me know about this beautiful bag!

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Castor oil review

Many of you may have read that last month I ordered some castor oil for my hair from ebay. I read tons of reviews and results about castor oil and how it had made peoples hair longer and thicker. I have wanted long hair for so long and my hair is really thick but just doesn't seem to grow much, so this seemed perfect for me. You can read about the castor oil and where I got it from in my earlier post. So my castor oil within 3 days of me placing my order and I so couldn't wait to try. The castor oil is a thick vaseline like consistency but when you rub it into your hair it warms up and turns more into a liquid consistency. This is what it looks like on my hair, my roots are clearly greasy. I certainly wouldn't leave the house with it on but overnight and when I'm not doing anything it's fine. It also smells nice with a bit of a coconut scent.

How I apply it
I put it straight onto my hair dry as if it was wet the oil doesn't mix very well with water and would go all funny. So I use a tail comb and hair sectioning clips to section my hair off starting at the nape of my neck. I section it then rub it along the roots of my hair and then a little on the ends. Then move up about an inch of a section and repeat until I get to the top of my head, rubbing into the roots and ends of my hair each time. Then I massage it all into my hair to stimulate hair growth and ensure it's all rubbed in nicely (it's also quite relaxing). To finish I just clip it up on top of my head and rub in some oil around my hairline and all done! It only takes 5 minutes to apply and I usually leave it on overnight (around 10 hours) I apply it once or twice a week.

I have seen a massive improvement in the appearance of my hair and it's a lot shinier now and the new hair growing through seems really thick and healthy. It also seals my split ends and I don't know how much my hair has grown but It's definitely grown at a faster rate than before. I'm going to continue using it and hopefully I will have hair like Rapunzel soon!

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