Monday, 25 June 2012

Tigi Dumb Blonde

Hello lovelies, so it's Monday and I would usually have Monday morning blues buts I'm going to Turkey in 3 days so I'm soooo excited. Today's post is about a recent purchase from the website cheapsmells. If you haven't heard about this website before you need to visit it. They have stock all the well known skin, hair, beauty and perfume brands and offer free delivery on every purchase (no matter how much you spend). They also have really great offers so I suggest you sign up for their email subscription list.  I got the Bed Head by Tigi Dumb Blonde hair set. This was on offer for around £11 I think, the usual RRP price is £24.95, so absolute bargain! This is how Tigi Describe this set: This amazing trio will not only lock in your colour, with our innovative Colour LockDown Technology, but will also recondition and strengthen your hair, whilst maintaining the vibrancy of your blonde colour. Wash and condition hair with Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. Apply Dumb Blonde Leave-In Conditioner to mid-lengths and ends for a fresh, clean and conditioned look before styling.

The set consists of : Dumb Blonde Shampoo 250ml, Dumb Blonde Conditioner 200ml and Dumb Blonde Leave-in Conditioner 250ml. The shampoo alone retails for £9.95 so this is such a bargain and is still on offer so I suggest anyone who needs to take care of their blonde hair to buy this. I have tried all 3 products and they smell gorgeous and make my hair feel instantly stronger and repaired. I used to work in a hairdresser and they used all the Bed Head range they all smell absolutely gorgeous and the Dumb Blonde range smells like sweets it's so good. Cheap smells also have other sets to choose from which are also discounted, my mum bought the Volume Queen one and the products are huge and really will last so long. I washed my hair Saturday morning and can still smell the products on my hair, so yummy! Do you have any Bed Head products you love or could recommend?

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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Soap and Glory loving

Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a while as I have had none stop trips to the doctors and university, which I finally finished this week (yay). So as I'm unable to wear makeup (except mascara) I thought I would share with you all my extensive soap and glory collection.

If you haven't already heard about Soap and Glory it is available from boots and they have a body and skincare range and also a new makeup range. I absolutely love all of their products and I always get a soap and glory gift set for Christmas or Birthday's because everyone knows how much I love it. I really do think it is important to have healthy skin (especially with the skin problems I have been having recently). Healthy eating really does help keep your skin in shape, however it's important to be buffed and beautiful on the outside too. The products smells so lovely and I especially love their 'righteous butter' which is a lovely thick body butter which smells beautiful. Their products all have the similar smell and I also have shampoos and face scrubs in this collection. I cannot fault any of their products and they are all gorgeous smelling and leave my skin feeling so good. I do have the driest most sensitive skin ever and I find that these products do not irritate me, which is something I find hard to find in products except the body shop range. I seriously love their products and some items can be a little pricey but the gift sets are so good especially at Christmas time they have special offers on so I would definitely recommend them! Has anyone else tried anything from the soap and glory range, or have a specific product they really love?

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Monday, 4 June 2012

Apologies for my absence

Hey lovelies. First of all I need to thank every single one of my followers for getting me to 110, very happy right now :) I'm sorry for my lack of blogging, I've been pretty down in the dumps recently after being diagnosed with perioral dermatitis, which is basically dermatitis around your mouth. Although I'm not gonna gross you all out with pictures if you google it mine looks nothing like that and is just like dry skin. So I have been told by the doctor that I'm not allowed to wear makeup or use any skin products around my face, just water. Which is why I haven't had anything interesting to blog about. I have been hibernating away and my skin is still not getting better so after this bank holiday I will definitely be returning to the docs to get rid of my poor skin! It started off with just dry lips and then spread to around my mouth (looking like kids who lick their lips too much), pretty embarrassing in public too and now I've had it for around 4 months but it wont leave me alone. So I'm going to need a course of antibiotics to clear it then I can slowly start using products again, so you may see me blogging a lot more about hair and fashion as beauty is off limits to me :( Again thankyou everyone who views my blog it makes my day reading your comments and I always love to check out new blogs. Will hopefully have a new post up this week (baring in mind the doctors goes ok). I'll leave you with a picture I find which makes me want to be in the sunshine right now !

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