Saturday, 28 July 2012

Polkadot Nails

Hello to my followers old and new, I can't believe I have reached 200! Thanks to every single one of you I'm so grateful. Today's post is something I haven't blogged about before, I rarely paint my nails as I can't stand them chipping within a week so annoying. But I did some research about good top coats and came across Seche Vite. I can honestly say it's amazing, I painted my nails before my holiday and even after all the sun, chlorine, salt water and sand the varnish was still intact. So this is my saviour I got mine from ebay for £8 but asos have it on offer at the moment for £8 here.

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Base Coat
NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Lavender Cupcake
Sally Hansen French Manicure in Natural White
Seche Vite Top Coat
Avon Lavender Cuticle Oil

Have a good weekend ...

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

How to be a savvy fashion saver!

Being a student I have first hand experience of walking past Harvey Nichols and wanting everything in the window, or even worse looking at the price of a Mulberry handbag and realising I don't even have that much money to my name! It is hard for us girls surrounded by so many nice clothes, shoes and accessories that we could only dream of owning. Even the prices of Primark seem to have gone up during this economic crisis and I've seen clothes in Topshop rivalling the price tags of designer labels. But don't worry I have lots of great money saving tips and websites to share with you to get yourself some discount and become a savvy shopper!

1. Discount Codes and Vouchers
I recently placed an order at H&M online, but I find it hard to justify the postage when you can just go to the store. So I searched the internet for discount codes by just typing into google 'h&m discount codes' and whalaaa hundreds of links for saving on their website. I clicked on the first link which was this website 'hotukdeals', found the most up to date code clicked the link and managed to bag myself £5 off a jumper which was £20! Which covered the cost of delivery and saved me money on the jumper too. Discount codes are so useful and I don't think enough people realise how many there are out there.
Another great discount website is This website is great as it has an up to date list of the vouchers, sales and saving codes over the leading fashion retailers such as; Debenhams, New Look, Urban Outfitters, Motel Rocks and so many more! You can also sign up to their mailing list so you never miss a sale or offer!

2. Ebay
One of the most visited websites on my browsing history. I go to this website every day to try and find myself a bargain. If I see a dress or item of clothing I really like I note down the name of it from the website then type it into ebay to see if I can find it for a better price. Remember the tiger print topshop dress from Topshop, when I first saw that on the rails for around £28 I went on ebay and got myself one for £10! It was exactly the same as what they were selling instores but for £18 cheaper just because the label in the back had a little snip in it. I have seen clothes like this before which have the label snipped at the back I'm not sure why they are like this but there was nothing wrong with the dress and everyone was envious of my bargain! At the moment I'm looking for a celebboutique dress for half the price, many of them listed have only been worn once with nothing wrong with them. So whatever you're looking for I guarantee that you can find it on ebay, you just have to be persistant and keep on top of your bids!

Me in my Ebay find!

3. Get paid to shop!
I first saw the website in a fashion magazine and thought wow this is too good to be true. Basically you join the website for free look through the retailers and find what you want to buy then get commision on the things you buy which goes into your bank account. So basically getting paid to shop... how good is that! You can get up to 10% cashback on the items you buy from brands such as New Look, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Miss Selfridge and This is such a good website they have so many brands on the website and you're getting money back for shopping, this is genuis to me. So get yourself signed up and start earning cashback for shopping.

4. Designer secrets
About two years ago I signed up to websites and You sign up for free and they email you letting you know which sales they are having and when they go live. The sales they have offer between 30 and 70% off the brands! That's massive savings and they have a wide range of brands selling womenswear, menswear, accessories, shoes, bedding, skincare, swimwear and interiors. They have so many different brands too French Connection, Ugg, Oasis, Diesel and D&G just to name a few. I have previously bought from both sites and the service is excellent and you can even get free delivery offers if you spend over a certain amount. It's good because they email you letting you know what sales are coming up and when they go live so you can get online right away and shop the sale first! Also if you want me to recommend just comment below with your email and we both get £10 each to spend on the site, how good is that!

5. Student Savings
One good thing about being a student is your little nus student card that can get you amazing savings. I have a nus card which doubles up as my library card and what annoys me is those sites that say they only accept NUS extra cards! Why would I spend money buying one of those when I already have a student card, sillys. But don't worry '' is our saviour. Just sign up to the website and they email your student email address to verify your a student then you're ready to go. Unidays works alongside websites such as asos, boohoo, schuh, office and many more. All you do is when you want your discount click the unidays link and it will ask you to log in and will give you a code, then you just copy this into the NUS box on the website your buying from easily done. I have saved myself up to 25% before! Also don't forget to use your NUS card in stores, where you can save yourself big money on retailers such as Topshop, New Look, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse and so many more. They usually have a sign in the window stating their discount or behind the counter.

6. Magazine Savings
Fashion magazines always have vouchers in for discounts in stores or online, I just find I sometimes flick by them. A lot of magazines state whether they have money off vouchers or discounts inside them or you can even flick through the mag in the newsagents to see if there are any codes available. If you buy magazines regularly then you will collect loads of money off codes to use in stores such as New Look, Warehouse and French Connection. I have seen in the window of Warehouse a 'get 20% off with Grazia' sign and if you're buying something expensive it's worth buying the magazine. Plus you get to update yourself in the fashion world by reading the magazine! A lot of magazines also have their own websites such as where they even have a tab for sales and offers, at the moment you can get yourself 20% off Oasis and 20% off Dorothy Perkins shoes! So next time your flicking through a magazine don't ignore those vouchers.

7. Rent an outfit
Yes you heard right there are websites out there where you can rent the same designer dresses that the Kardashians, Cheryl Cole and The Saturday's have been seen in, from as little as £39. At you can rent the Herve Leger dress you have craved for so long for £129 instead of the heafty £1330 price tag! This is great for you girlies who hate wearing the same dress twice! On you can rent the same dresses seen on the TOWIE girls and don't worry insurance is included in the price of the dress and you don't even have to clean it before you send it back, how good is that! This website also sells some of the dresses which have been discontinued so you can get the famous Phillip Lim playsuit Cheryl Cole was seen in for £65 or your own Herve Ledger dress TO KEEP for £65, starting prices for the dresses are as little as £20 so grab yourself a bargain. These websites also offer vouchers and money off dresses for new customers, so go ahead and sign up!
Herve Leger dress £65

 Phillip Lim Playsuit £65

8. Outlet Shopping
When I used to hear the word outlet I would think of the crazy Next Outlet stores with clothes all over the place. But now Outlet's have gone online and are so much easier to find a bargain! One of the best Outlets is by far Asos outlet, where you can save up to 70% on the RRP on labels such as Lipsy, French Connection, Religion and more. Asos also offers free delivery and student discount so even bigger savings to be made!
Another great outlet to shop is the Ebay Outlet where you can shop big labels and retailers like Religion, House of Fraser, Office and Very and grab some amazing bargains. They are all the official stores so no need to worry about product quality or delivery and some even offer free delivery!

Hope you liked my list of tips and websites to save you money when shopping. Do you love to save on fashion too, let me know if you liked this post or have any saving secrets of your own to share I would love to hear from you! Lots of love ...

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hair Inspiration

After having my hair highlighted and cut last week I realised I don't really ask for any style/cut in particular. I am really indecisive when it comes to hair colour and mine has been dark brown, light brown, ash blonde, platinum blonde  and now I'm back to the trusty light blonde. I used to work in a hairdressers and I still go to the same place with the same Stylist who has done my hair for around 8 years, so she knows what I like and what suits me. But sometimes I feel like I should change up my hair a little, even if I have only had the same colour for like 2 weeks. I am really indecisive and either a hairdressers dream or worst nightmare (eeek). I have convinced myself I'm not going to change my hair colour as I love being blonde and always go brown and think I wish I was blonde again, but my goal is to have long hair. The castor oil is working, which I will update you on in another post, but I'm still going with it and wont stop until I reach my goal hair length of around like boob length. These are some of the photos which inspire me for longer healthy hair ...

I would die for hair like this!!!

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Braun Silk-Épil™ Epilator

Good Evening bloggers, hope you have all had a good weekend. I have been to my boyfriend's families caravan in the Yorkshire Dales today to walk the dog. There are some beautiful views in the dales and lovely walks too but just my luck I got bit by a midgy right under my eye its so red and sore, silly me. Today has been gorgeous too and I've been out in the garden with the legs out and it gave me an idea for a blog post. I don't have hairy legs at all but the hairs I do have are blonde and my legs are tanned from holiday so brown skin and blonde hairs looks so silly. I have tried waxing and shaving which both work well but my skin is very sensitive and I find that epilating is the kindest form of hair removal. The epilator I am reviewing today is the Braun Silk-Epil 7 epilator. For anyone who hasn't used an epilator before it's like a number of tiny little tweezers on a rotating head which pluck out the hairs. It sounds kinda scary but I've never caught my skin with it and its quite painless after a while I actually like the feeling on the top of my legs. This is how Braun describe it:
The Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry epilator removes even the shortest, finest hairs, right down to 0.5mm long. That’s as small as a grain of sand. The 40 tweezers in Braun’s Close-Grip technology ensure superior performance and the most thorough hair removal. As it’s cordless, it can also be used dry or in the bath or shower for the gentlest epilation. To further increase comfort in your epilation, prepare your skin with the Olay cooling wet wipes included.

I find it really effective for hair removal especially on my legs and armpits. There are a number of different heads included which you can use for bikini line/armpits/facial hair and there is also a shave/trim head which makes it multi-functional. I also find you don't get the red rash skin like you do with waxing, you do get little bumps but they settle down within 24 hours and I find that hair doesn't grow back for around 3 weeks. There is also a 'smartlight' on the epilator which makes it easy to see and hairs which still remain. It takes me around 30 minutes to do my legs and the little bead like things on the head make the sensation easier on your skin it's almost like a little massage on my legs. It is really easier to do and in my opinion better than shaving/waxing. It is also rechargeable and cordless so you don't get tangled in the wires when charged I think it lasts around an hour and a half, more than long enough for one session.

shave/trim head

epilating head

I couldn't recommend this more it's so good for people with sensitive skin like me. You can buy one from boots or argos I think or check out the Braun website click here, the RRP is £139 but I think I got mine for cheaper and on amazon they are £79 at the minute so snap them up quick!
 Have you tried any epilators before, what's your preferred method of hair removal?

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fifty Shades

If you haven't already heard about the crazy hype that is the 50 Shades trilogy I will fill you in on Mr Grey. I have just finished reading the last book in the trilogy 50 Shades Freed, which follows 50 Shades Darker and 50 Shades of Grey. I was absolutely hooked by these books and now that I've finished I just want to read more and find out more about these characters and their lives.

The books have been dubbed by some 'Mummy Porn', I do understand where this has come from as the books describe some racy sex scenes and Mr Grey's lifestyle. I think there has been a lot of comments from men about the book being similar to a 'porno' but it's seriously not.  I don't want to reveal too much about the books but I really got involved in the relationship between Anna and Christian and wanted to find out more about this amazingly good looking man and his secret past. I started reading them 4 weeks ago and I just finished the last one last night. I really can't recommend them more, seriously the best books I've read and I have quite a book collection. I am now looking for something to fill in the hole until the film is released, hopefully sooner rather than later! I have also seen a lot of magazines and websites posting about who should play Mr Grey. I think Matt Bomer has the perfect look as described in the books I can't wait to find out the cast list. Have you read Fifty Shades and who is your ideal Christian Grey?

In The Words of Mr Grey, Laters Baby.

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Monday, 9 July 2012

Holiday Snaps

Hey lovely bloggers. I have recently returned from my holiday to Turkey with my boyfriend and have a few pictures to share with you. I got caught up in all the holiday preperations and never showed you all what i bought for my jollies, so I can share some new clothes now. Thank you for all the lovely comments I will reply to you all and check out all of your lovely blogs. I stayed in a little resort in Turkey called Altinkum which was lovely and I didn't see a cloud for a whole week. I really wish I was back in the sun though as this British weather is giving me the holiday blues. Here are a few of my holiday snaps ...

Top - Miss Selfridge, Shorts- Zara, Sandals- Miss Selfridge

Dress - MissGuided, Sandals - Warehouse

Bikini - Primark

Hair flower - H&M, Top - Primark, Shorts - H&M, Sandals - Warehouse

Hair Flower - Miss Selfridge, Dress - Lipsy, Sandals - Warehouse

Dress- New Look, Sandals - Miss Selfridge

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