Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A well overdue castor oil update

So I have been saying I will post this for so long and just never got round to it. One of the reasons I was putting off writing this is because silly me forget to take a before (using castor oil) picture of my hair to track results. I wish I had taken one but I totally forgot as I was so eager to get using the castor oil. So I have actually been using this castor oil hair treatment since April, you can read about the oil and its purpose here and also a review and how to apply it here.

So I have been using the castor oil once a week or once a fortnight for around 4 months. I have noticed that my hair has grown but I don't know whether this has solely been due to the oil, as I have also tried not to use heat on my hair and tie it up quite a lot. I can tell the condition of my hair has improved as I don't have as many split ends and the top layers of my hair have grown loads and they are almost the same length as the rest of my hair now. Of course being a dedicated blonde means my hair does suffer from bleach damage but it's not half as bad as it was before the castor oil. I broke up from Uni at the end of June and went to see my uni friends 2 weeks ago and they commented on how much my hair has grown so it's obviously doing something. I just feel that I want to wake up with super long hair overnight and it's just not going to happen. I would recommend the oil for anyone wanting to improve the condition of their hair and to help with hair growth, it's just a pain to wash out. I usually end up washing my hair 2/3 times to get the oil. But if you have free time on your hands to wear the oil in your hair overnight then this should be fine. My hair is currently approaching the booby length but I want the front layers to grow quicker because they make the rest of my hair look shorter. The picture below shows how long my hair is now and you can see the front layers are shorter than the rest.

I hope this helps anyone who is wanting to try the oil, I wish I had before and after pictures for you but sadly I don't. If anyone has any hairgrowth secrets they would like to share please get in touch, I need my hair to grow grow grow.

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Monday, 20 August 2012

Olympic Inspiration... at the gym

Good afternoon! I apologise for not blogging for weeks but I got caught up in watching the Olympics and following this I decided to get back into good health and fitness! How amazing were the Olympics, I have been so inspired by Team GB especially Yorkshire girl Jessica Ennis the heptathlete from my university city Sheffield. She's such a good role model for girls and I felt so proud when she got gold!

I have joined my local Bannatyne gym, which my Mum has been a member of for years and I have been a few times before. It's a really nice gym and you don't get any posers in the mirrors or children weeing in the showers (ewww). I have been going to the classes as I find these more motivating than going on the machines. Although I do have one day where I do 100 floors on the stepper (great for toning your bum) a bit of running and some rowing. These are the classes I have been going to...

When you speak about spinning people are like eeeek it's so hard, which is true but it's so good at the same time. For anyone who hasn't been/ heard about spinning its basically an indoor cycling class to loud music and disco lights where you sprint, climb and hover your way through the music. It is pretty tough and you do feel the burn but it's fun at the same time as you ride to the beat and you turn the resistance up and down along with the trainers instructions to make it easier/harder to turn the pedals. Spinning also works your upper body as you do a lot of hovering over the bike which you can feel working your arms and back muscles. After the session you get the best feel good release of endorphins and this just makes you want to go back for more! I so recommend spinning I was dreading it the first time and a few times I've been I have pushed my vo2 max and got myself at the feeling sick stage, but you can spin at your own pace or up it up if you want to push yourself and get fit. I spin 4-5 times a week and as you get used to it you can push yourself further and twist your resitance further to feel the burn.

Rock Bottom
This class is basically the new 'legs, bums and tums'. It works out your muscles in your stomach, bums and legs and you can seriously feel the burn after. At the class I go to we use hand weights too whilst squatting and lunging so you get the workout in your upper body too. For the first half of the session you spend this on your feet squatting and lunging. Then the second half is on the mat using a larger weight on your legs whilst you lift, hold and pulse them. You then go on to work your abs and by this point your legs are killing. It's such a good class for us girls and you can definitely see and feel results. If your at a Bannatyne's gym I recommend this class it's a killer but so worth it!

I have also tried body combat class which is like Tae kwon do but you kick and punch to the beat. I don't really like these type of classes as I find it hard to follow the different moves and I'm always scared of kicking people or people kicking me. I also go to pilates which is really good to stretch your muscles out and improves your posture and breathing using strength exercises. Have you been inspired by the Olympics? Let me know if you can recommend any gym classes. Enjoy your week!

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