Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Clinique High Impact Mascara

Happy Halloween everyone! I would love to do a themed post but I don't have any ideas and I'm not dressing up as it's my boyfriends birthday, so this will have to do. If I had to choose only two make-up products it would have to be concealer and mascara. I absolutely love mascara and how it instantly opens your eyes and makes you look more 'awake'. This mascara is from one of my favourite skincare and beauty brands and is possibly my favourite. I love my Soap and Glory mascara for thickness but this Clinique mascara gives my lashes amazing length.

What they say; 'High Impact Mascara is a multi-benefit mascara that adds maximum volume with definition and length. Specially developed brush and formula work together to dramatically thicken lashes while separating. '

I have used tubes of this and it never fails me. The one pictured is a smaller sized version which came in one of the Clinique Bonus time sets, the samples alone last at least 2 months. Now Clinique claim that this mascara is best for thickening but I find it makes my lashes look really long and not really thick just separated which I really like. It's also not a clumpy mascara and the formula has a nice consistency which brushes on easily without the need to build lots of layers to get the length.

The brush is just like a normal mascara brush (not angled, rubber bristles etc). I find this type of brush good for lifting the lashes at the root so they look even longer. I can't believe how long my lashes look in this picture. I have had short lashes ever since I was like 11/12 when my Mum's friend put mascara on my and I thought my lashes looked wrong so I cut them, oops. I'm not sure if they have grown back since but this mascara really helps. It's also really easy to remove with make-up wipes or I like to use the Clinique take the day off cleanser, and doesn't bring your lashes off with it.

This Mascara is £18.00 from a Clinique stand in Boots/Debenhams/House of Fraser or you can buy online here.
 Have you tried and loved any of the Clinique Mascaras? What is your favourite Mascara?


  1. What a lovely mascara - not too heavy for daytime.

    I love the YSL Shocking mascara


    1. Yeah it's a perfect daytime mascara, ooh I haven't tried that I'll have to give it a go xx

  2. Replies
    1. It's lovely isn't it can't believe how long it makes my lashes xx

  3. I love love love their curling mascara xx

  4. This looks awesome and wooah you have long lashes! I'm in search for a new perfect mascara so I might try this out! :)

  5. It looks great on you and love to try it myself too. Thanks for sharing! xo akiko
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  6. Looks good! I love mascara.

    <3 Melissa

  7. Wow, that is impressive your lashes look so long!

  8. Heard about this mascara!! :) It works well - gotta try it.

    new follower here!

    The Misty Mom

  9. I thonk that this mascara look perfect for daytime :)

    Thank you for you comment and im new follower! :)

  10. Ahh I'm in need of a new mascara! Might give this one a try ;)xx

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  12. Lovely post! I should definitely try this mascara! :))


  13. This mascara looks really good, have never tried Clinique mascara before! xxx

  14. wow your lashes look amazing! xxx

  15. My favourite mascara is the Dior Blackout <3

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  23. You've just reminded me about this beauty! I got a sample ages ago and loved it but I'm always switching up my mascaras in the hope of finding 'the one', I'll definitely have to try this again! I LOVE your blog :)
    Chloe xx

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  25. this mascara looks amazing your lashes look so long !
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