Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Clinique Chubby Sticks

Hello lovelies. Hope you have all enjoyed your weekends, I can't believe how fast this year is going I'm going to be married with kids before I know it. It's so scary! Anyway my Mum and Dad have been on a lovely cruise around Egypt and they brought me some goodies back! They bought me these Clinique chubby sticks from the aeroplane and an Urban Decay palette and Falsies Mascara and eyeliner from the ship! I'm rather excited to tell you about the falsies mascara as it's so amazing and I have yet to try the palette.
So my Mum got this lovely collection of 3 chubby sticks for around £30. I think this is very reasonable considering they are £16 each from a Clinique stand. The packaging is so cute too it's like a cigarette packet, but a little more glamorous. Then each stick is individually packaged in a little box with the name of the stick on the end. This is handy because you can keep them in the box and just flick the lid up to see which one you want.
The sticks themselves are lovely and handy as each stick is coloured with the colour of the balm. Which is handy if you're in a rush or fumbling about in your makeup bag. The sticks claim to be 'moisturising lip colour balm', which describes them perfectly. I have seen reviews on these sticks complaining about the pigmentation and the longevity of the colour, but it is not a lipstick it's a balm therefore you can't expect them to last as long as Mac matte lipsticks or something similar. For me these balms are perfect as I don't really wear a bright lip I tend to stick to my Mac creme cup, however I have got the rather bright Topshop Macaroon. In my opinion these are perfect for everyday wear. They don't have a horrible smell as they are un-fragranced, like many of cliniques products. They are also so easy to use as they're just like a pen and the sheer balm colour means you aren't going to have colour stuck to your dry lips.
These balms are really moisturising and I think they would be pretty good to wear if you do have dry lips and fancy a little colour too. The colours I have are Mega Melon, Woopin' Watermelon and Super Strawberry.
Mega Melon is an orangey red toned lip balm which doesn't really suit my skin but my Mum is so tanned and it suits her perfect. So I've let her have this one.
Woopin' Watermelon is definitely my favourite colour. It's a lovely blue toned pink and suits me so well. This is my go to lip colour.
Super Strawberry is a warmer toned pink but is so gorgeous too, especially for the Summer months.
You can layer the colours to make them a little stronger but they're just a glossy lovely balm and they are really wearable throughout the day. I love these chubby sticks and I want to check out the other colours in the collection now. I was also watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show the other day and I'm pretty sure the makeup artist was using a chubby stick on the angels! If you're wanting a really bright lip with a matte finish then these are not for you. But if you're just wanting a moisturising lip product with a slick of colour then these are perfect!

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Friday, 12 April 2013

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Today is a post about something I've wanted to try for so long but after going through my patch of perioral dermatitis I sadly couldn't try this. I had heard so much about this lovely bubblegum lip scrub and the wonders it does to your lips but I was under strict advice from the doctor to not use anything on my lips (except the calendula cream which eventually cured my poor lips). Anyway thank the Lord for Calendula cream and it's healing properties because I can now smile again woohooo. I'm actually going to do a post about how I eventually got rid of perioral dermatitis as I think it could definitely be helpful for some readers.

Anyway enough of my blabbering onto this lovely product. I had heard so much about lush but I said I was reluctant to try due to my funny dry sensitive skin and eczema. I didn't however know that the products have lovely natural ingredients without the bad stuff, I wish I knew this before. I had always wanted to try lush and this is actually my first little lush product (besides the odd bath bomb). I would say that these are actually pretty hard to spot in the shop amongst the masses of soaps, bath bombs, lotions and potions. But I found them in a little jar which was near the till. They come in other flavours too popcorn and I minty one I believe? The packaging is really cute and I think one of the brilliant things about lush is how you can test everything and the assistants are always very helpful.

Now onto the actual product inside. The lip scrub isn't the consistency that I initially anticipated. I thought it would be much stickier more like the scrub mixed together with petroleum jelly but it's really not. It's basically just like pretty pink sugar all compacted into a little jar. The smell of this lip scrub is amazing and even my brother and Dad enjoy a good scrub of this just because of the amazing smell. So you just dip your finger into the pot and scrub it onto your lips to eliminate the rough dry skin (just like exfoliating). The best bit though is afterwards you get to lick the lovely scrub off your lips and you can eat it! It's just sugar really so it's fine to eat and is a yummy pick me up. It really helps to use this before applying lipstick/gloss so your lipstick goes on smoother and lasts longer too. I'm really glad I got this and I now definitely want to try other products and flavours that lush have to offer.

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Monday, 8 April 2013

Utopia and Seche Vite

Hello lovelies, hope you've enjoyed your weekend. Can't believe we're already into the second week of April, where has this year gone? I'm still on a break from Uni but I've got so much work to do and job hunting too, it's so stressful right now. I'm still finding time to slip in some Internet shopping and I just got the real techniques eye kit which I'm looking forward to trying out. Let me know if you have this and what your thoughts are! I already have the core collection which I absolutely love, so hoping I'll love these ones too and can hopefully get into doing some crazy eye shadows and smokey eyes.

Today's post is a nail one with one of my new favourite polishes which is Models Own Utopia. I've been trying to get my hands on this for so long but the colour had been out of stock for so long! I finally got my hands on it and it came within 3 days. I was pretty disappointed though because the lid and the brush bit are broken so sometimes the brush falls out of the lid. I'm pretty annoyed about this seen as I wanted the colour for so long but I wasn't going to send it back.

The colour is so pretty, like a soft lilac nude. From seeing swatches online I thought the colour was a lot whiter but in person it is pretty lilac coloured. The formula of the polish is really opaque which is brilliant but I still prefer the Barry M formula of polish. As sometimes Utopia can get a little streaky as it's such a thick opaque formula, where as with Barry M you can apply lots of thin coats to build colour. I suppose this is just personal preference though.

My all time favourite top coat, which I have used in the picture, is Seche Vite. I discovered this last Summer and the bottle lasted me until February, as it gets a little gloopy and thick to use. So I got this for like £8.00 off Amazon, which is such a good price for an amazing top coat. It can last up to a week and as I remember last year I used this on holiday and it lasted the whole week no chips! It's also brilliant if like me you don't have time to sit about waiting for your nails to dry. You apply this to wet (ish) nails and then it's touch dry in 60 seconds. It looks like a gel finish too which I really like. To use this you get your brush above your nail and wait for a blob of varnish to fall on your nail then brush it on. This works best and doesn't streak your wet nail polish. I don't know what I'd do without this topcoat, even though it has a rather chemical smell it's amazing.

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

March Favourites

This is my all time favourite body butter. I have been waiting to use it for ages as I got it before Christmas but I needed to use up all my other moisturisers and butters before I used this. It's so luxurious and thick and melts into your skin like a dream. I use it once a day and my skin smells amazing! Coconut is my favourite scent but all of the butters are gorgeous, I do like the Strawberry and Satsuma ones too. I'm pretty sure they have changed the packaging on this now but I'm sure the butter itself is still as amazing.
Again this is another trusty body shop product. I first learnt about this as my brother uses it and he is a racing car mechanic and his hands are so dry and well battered really. My hands have been really dry recently, probably due to the horrible British weather we are experiencing. I do have really bad eczema between my thumb and finger on my left hand and this cream helps to soothe it so much. It's a very thick cream which I shall probably do a review on as you can tell from the bottle this is a firm favourite of mine. It's not a very pleasant smell but it's so moisturising and thick, probably only good for you if you do suffer from very dry hands. This has been a saviour for me, thank you body shop.
This foot cream is from the Burt's Bees tips and toes kit but you can buy a full sized product which I think I may have to as this one is now empty. My feet have been feeling rather neglected this year as I have been rushed off my feet teaching and just being a busy bee! So this product is such a saviour for my run down feet. I wouldn't call it a cream it's more of a yellow thick gel. I rub this into my feet then I pop on some moisturising cotton socks to help it sink into my feet. This seriously smells amazing, like coconut but with a subtle minty smell too.
The first make-up product in my March favourites is the well known Revlon lip butters this one is in tutti-frutti. I'm not overly keen on the shade of this as I'm pretty pale right now and in desperate need of a tan. Although I know this will be the perfect colour for Summer. It's an orange colour but these lip butters are so glossy and super moisturising on your lips. The packaging is also so lovely and the colours of the tubes represent the colour inside, which is helpful. I want to pick up some pink shades and I really like the look of the watermelon one. I can see a spending spree coming up, eeeek.
I have this nail strengthener in the original formula and also the matte. I got the matte first and wasn't overly keen on it. Then I saw both of the polishes up for grabs on buyapowa for like £13.00 and had to snap them up! I have been using this original formula and have been enjoying it much more than the matte one. It's lovely and glossy on your nails and you can also use it below nail varnish as a strengthening base coat. It has helped strengthen my nails up and I had a problem with brittleness and peeling which this has also really helped with.
I got this foundation from boots in a 3 for 2 just the other day in shade 52 which is vanilla. This is a pretty light colour but I don't seem to have any foundations which are light enough for me to wear when I don't have a tan or any fake tan on my skin. The first thing I noticed when I swatched this was the smell. Wow! I have never smelt a foundation like it, it's really fruity and just amazing. It also gives a really lovely natural coverage. I don't want to reveal much more about this as I'm going to do a review on it but just an amazing foundation which sits firmly in my favourites.
I have been using this for a few months now. I originally got it from some pharmaceutical website but not too sure on the name, but you can get it from boots. This has really helped to clear minor imperfections on my face. I have like small blackheads on my nose and chin and this has really smoothed at my skin and they're barely visible now. It's not a quick fix product but you can tell how much I have been using it as I have lost the lid oops. It is on it's last legs but has lasted me like 3 months. I shall do a full review of this product as I most certainly will be repurchasing!
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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

Hello lovelies, hope you are all well. I have had such a stodgy few days, not sure if I have eaten too much chocolate or I just can't cook but my stomach definitely isn't feeling too well. My parents are away so I'm cooking for myself, which is a pretty bad idea as I'm limited to fajitas, enchiladas and stir fry's. So I have started to just eat clean food like salads, chicken, rice (nothing too risk really). Hopefully this will help me feel a little better about myself.
So today's review is a product which I have been using for a good 3 months now. It's the Macadamia healing oil treatment. I first wanted this when I read in Michelle Keagen's column that she uses this, I immediately knew I had to get it as her hair is just long and shiny and amazing. I was put off by the hefty price tag of £29.95 for the 125ml owchhh. That was until I found it on buyapowa for around £12.95 (best price) plus a teeeny £1.50 postage. Now if you haven't heard of buyapowa it's basically a site where the more buyers who are interested in the product the more the price gets driven down. So it's basically strength in numbers and you can bring people in on the buy and get yours free! So if you haven't already signed up to the site I strongly suggest you do as it's free and amazing.
So I purchased my lovely little oil and couldn't wait to open it. It comes in a lovely glass bottle with a pretty brown and green colour theme. The pump is also a brilliant feature as you may know hair oils can get a little messy. So just one pump and this dispenses enough oil for my booby length hair (not sure how else to describe it). It's quite a heavy bottle so if I was to travel I would probably have to decant it into a little pot, or they do sell a mini version without the pump.
So one pump gives enough oil for the ends of my hair, you can see the amount below (sorry for the crappy picture quality, currently lost my camera charger so these are courtesy of the iPad). What you notice first about the oil is the smell. I'm pants at describing smells but it's florally luxurious and just lovely. The oil itself is quite runny and goldish colour. So I rub my hands together and then slap this on the ends of my wet hair working up to the mid lengths. I would say it's best to get the excess water out of your hair before applying this so you don't dilute the product too much. I wouldn't say that my wet hair feels instantly softer when I apply this but it does make it easier to brush.

So once I have applied this I dry my hair. Now one thing I must say what I noticed after the first use was how quick and easy it was to dry my hair. I have really thick dyed hair, which takes forever to dry. But Macadamia claim this 'reduces drying time by 40-50%' and I definitely agree with this. It's a miracle product which allows me to dry my hair in 10minutes and I no longer get a dead arm from holding the hair dryer for 20 minutes.

When your hair is dry you really will see the results of this amazing oil. Not only was my hair soft but shiny and I couldn't stop touching it or smelling the lovely scent it leaves. I use this product every time I wash my hair which is 2-3 times a week and after ever use my hair is still soft and shiny. I also feel it has helped my hair grow so much. I had my roots highlighted just 5 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago I was like oh god my roots are horrific. So this product has definitely helped with the growth of my hair and also sealing split ends that I have. Overall I really love this product and cannot remember life without it. I have heard great things about the Moroccan Oil but why would I need that when I'm so happy with this. It was such a good price too that when it popped up again on Buyapowa 2 weeks later I got myself another bottle. The 125ml bottle will probably last me until like Autumn it's such a good size and lasts soooo long. I would definitely recommend this if like me you have blonde/highlighted hair which can lack shine and lustre, or if you want to improve the strength/growth of your hair. Hope you enjoyed reading, I'm now going to book my highlights in because my roots are terrible thanks to this product haha. Take care...

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Monday, 1 April 2013

Xen-tan Dark Lotion

Hello lovelies, hope you are having a lovely Easter/bank holiday weekend. I've been having a lazy day eating my body weight in chocolate and watching the Kardashian Marathon on E! Now today's post is a fake tan one as I'm prepping myself for my friends birthday meal tomorrow night. Now I have been forever faithful to St Tropez after having horrible experiences with St Moriz an I sticking oto my poor little eczema/dry patches. I do enjoy St Tropez but it seems to make my skin really itchy. now this only happens the day after a night out which is usually the day after applying fake tan. I really don't know whether its the tan or the alcohol my skin itches so much, especially my neck. So much so that I stopped using fake tan, opting for the sun beds. This was of course until I came across Xen-tan. I had read so many reviews about this yet for some reason I hadn't purchased it. This was until I saw it on offer over at Look fantastic for around £18 and I had to get it.

So i got the dark tan which comes in a lovely pump dispenser which makes it less fiddly and of course not as messy as the bottle ones. I think one pump could cover my arm which is pretty good going. It comes out of the bottle a dark brown colour and when rubbed in turns into a lovely olive bronzecolour.  The colour guide does help as you can see which parts you have missed. I rub this in with some black gloves, then wait 20 minutes before buffing the too of my skin to get rid of any patches. It isn't t all streaky but it does dry quite quickly. This is especially true for my face which is a disaster. It works lovely on my body but my face just gets random patches, even when I used moisturiser with it. The smell is ok, I had heard it was a vanilla like smell but it really smells of marzipan!! Some of you may like this but I find it such a weird smell best left to cakes. Although I have heard Xen-tan do have a Moroccan fake tan which smells of coconut. This being my favourite scent I must try this! Anyway you can leave the tan on for a minimum of 3 hours or if you prefer leave it on overnight before showering. When you shower you do see the water turn brown but my skin still comes out the same gorgeous brown golden colour. I do have strange skin it's quite
yellow/olive looking so those orange baked tans really do not suit me (not sure they suit anyone but...). This is the perfect tan for me and so far my skin hasn't been too itchy, result!

You can get this product from Look fantastic for £18.86 right now. Which is so worth it for such a good quality fake tan, especially as Spring is yet to arrive here in England.

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