Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Kylie Lip Colour | Mac Brave

MAC Brave | £15.50 | link

I've spoken before on the blog about the Kylie Jenner lip, infact dedicating a whole post to it. Recently, there have been so many ridiculous lips floating about Instagram with the whole 'Kylie Jenner Challenge', which I think is just crazy and cannot understand it. However, it's very clear the whole overdrawn plumped lips are definitely around and staying. Personally, I am not a fan of overdrawing my lips but I am loving the lip colours Kylie chooses. Along with the oh so popular lip liners 'Soar' and' Whirl', the lipstick shades 'Velvet Teddy' and 'Brave' have been the shades to achieve this lip colour.
Airport shopping led me to find Mac Brave sitting pretty amongst the Satin finishes. This was to be the staple lip colour for the whole holiday (my apologise but it is why the lipstick is well used in the pictures). The shade is a beautiful creamy dark pink which really gives your lips the 'my lips but better' appearance. Because it's a satin finish I've found that it can look differently in different lights, from undertones of purple to a dark nude. This is what I really like about the lipstick, just how it gives your lips such a beautiful tone and a creamy feel to your lips.
What's your favourite lipstick right now? Are you as shocked as me about the Kylie Jenner challenge?
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Saturday, 4 April 2015

A Quick Pick Me Up | Jimmy's Iced Coffee

Jimmy's Iced Coffee* | link 
Iced Coffee is one of those drinks I associated with America, sounding too strange for my taste buds, I mean who would want to drink cold coffee? But, my mind recently changed when I was kindly sent a selection of Iced Coffees from Jimmy's Iced Coffee. Now I must start by saying how cool this Dorset company is. Everything from their motto 'Keep your chin up' to their quirky website and cute coffee mats I was sent.
Delivery was super fast and the best thing about it was the little poly fridge box which inside, nestled the iced coffees with an ice pack so they arrive fresh and ready to drink! Jimmy's coffee stock a huge range for everyone's taste buds, including Decaf, Original, Skinny and one of my favourite's Mocha. Their iced coffee has definitely won me over, with clean ingredients and a creamy smooth coffee taste.  They're the perfect pick me up in the morning or like me, you can drink before a gym session to give you the extra boost. The skinny one at only 118 calories is the perfect pre-workout drink. Their screw tops also mean you don't have to guzzle them down in one go, so you can slowly enjoy the creamy goodness of their coffees.
Jimmy's first sale was actually in Selfridges and now you can buy them from a range of different places including Whole foods and Tesco. To check out their website and order yourself some yummy coffee click here.
I'll be bringing one along with me on the ride to airport tomorrow to keep me going through my 9hour journey to Barbados. Enjoy the Easter Weekend everyone! Keep an eye out on my Instagram to see what I'll be getting up to in the Caribbean!
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